Total Appliance


From: tony
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014
Subject: Performance Critique

To all whom these presents shall come, Greetings!
     This missive is penned on behalf of the performance of Total Appliance, a most reputable firm of impeccable credentials staffed by a highly trained cadre of knowledgeable field personnel and a motivated, erudite, office staff.  The reputation of the firm, and its unique composition, has a well-deserved and unassailable high standard of professionalism, dedication, and customer proficiency that is excelled by perhaps only a handful of  similarly-positioned firms. 
     Having had first-hand experience with several of the dedicated staff regarding a recently acquired dish washer, one can state unequivocally that the courtesy, depth of knowledge, proficiency, and attention to detail exhibited by a very qualified Technician, Kevin by name, exceeded all expectations of service from a hitherto unknown service firm (sterling performance considering that on the service date, 3/13 an "arctic vortex" was blowing up his tool kit!). In a word, his performance was exemplary, and perhaps was exceeded only by the dedicated efforts put forth by the office staff in addressing the issue.  And as for other office professionals such as Eileen, Irene and Kim, much angst was dispelled by their efforts - and most important - by the results they precipitated.
     One commends Total Appliance without reservation to one and all who have either recently acquired a new appliance or are in need of rehabilitation of one that is "long in the tooth". Response times  are minimal, and once contacted, remain in communication until the issue is resolved. Follow-up upon issue resolution is a "given".
     In summary, Total Appliance is recommended without reservation, or hesitation.  As for those who harbour doubts after eschewing this missive, I have given permission for the release of my cell phone number to Total Appliance for verification of experiences contained herein.
                                                              Warm Regards to all Who Attend